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Would you purchase a clothing item from a celebrity brand just because you like the celebrity(e.g. Jessica Simpson, Adam Levine)?

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  1. This is the absolute height of human gullibility, a resounding NO from me. It really upsets me that celebrities even exist in the capacity they do, let alone the fact that people are buying and wearing their overly expensive, child-labour-manufactured, and shoddy pieces of ***t.

  2. It depends on who they are, what they represent, and if it is for charity. But I would never buy a clothing item just because some celebrity endorses it. What for? They don’t need my money. They have more than enough.

  3. No, in order for me to buy clothing, it must fit my own personal style and needs.

  4. No, in order for me to buy clothing it must fit my personal style.

  5. I would purchase from a celebrity brand not because I like the celebrity but because it fits me well and it’s resonably priced.

  6. I would purchase from a celebrity brand only if it has a reasonable price. 100 bucks a shirt counts as expensive.

  7. I would purchase a celebrity brand because of the celebrity. I am a cheap person and so is 50% is the population of the world, and I would only buy it if it’s reasonable price. something that isn’t too expensive. 100 bucks a shirt counts as expensive.