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Would you purchase a clothing item from a celebrity brand just because you like the celebrity(e.g. Jessica Simpson, Adam Levine)?

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  1. No; Celebrity items are usually overpriced and poor quality. I don’t ever trust it. I’d buy because it’s cute and good quality, not because I like the celebrity.

  2. No, names don’t make the clothes. Design, style, color and fit should
    always be the deciding factor.

  3. No way. Celeb things r always overpriced and usually poor quality, or no better than wally world quality.

  4. but i guess the quality counts too. If its complete crap, Im not going to buy it

  5. I probably would, not all the time though. But I mean, they’re celebrities. I would, if its within my budget.

  6. Plus it is a waste of money because the celebrity clothing line is too expansive.

  7. No. I wouldn’t buy their clothes because I like them I would by their clothes because I like their design of their clothing line.