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Did any retailer back-to-school promotions motivate you to purchase apparel and/or footwear for the school year?

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  1. Yes, I always look for the best deals to get what I can get for my money. I don’t get much from child support and being a stay home mom for the last nine years. It’s been a real struggle. So any buck I can save is great.. Kmart and walmart. I wish I could afford more for my girls.

  2. No because to me it’s not always important to have new clothes and shoes to start a new school year. I feel that kids want new clothes and shoes so they won’t get bullied by others.

  3. I was not planning on buying any clothing for school this year ( I have enough jeans to last a life time) however when I went to my local mall there were many back-to-school promotions, and the deals were so amazing I couldn’t resist! Target also had many deals and I ended up going back-to-school shopping there and at Wall-Mart. So yes back-to-school promotions did motivate me to purchase apparel and footwear.

  4. I am particularly partial to Walmart’s promotions, in general, as I have studied the
    history of Walmart’s beginning, as well as, the history and biography of the man, Sam Walton, who created Walmart. Being a young soldier returning home from World War II, Walton faced terrible and unjust opposition from the owners of established large stores. Therefore, Sam Walton had to resort to “revolutionary
    methods,” in order to establish his store. First attending college and studying
    marketing, Sam Walton then established Walmart, and proceeded to apply a method, which has been called “Scientific Marketing,” thus creating the WALMART stores, which grew from obscurity to certainly one of the most foremost Department Stores of all time.

    Therefore, I have always been partial, and respectful of WALMART and the way it does business.