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When do you plan on starting your holiday shopping, and do you plan on spending more or less than last year?

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  1. I started my Holiday shopping like a month ago band yes I’m spending a lot more money then I ever had on Xmas but its gonna be a joy and I can’t wait to see my son’s faces….

  2. Christmas is for kids so I’ll make some purchases for the children in my life. I may wait until December 15th or so before I make my first purchase. 2 years ago I made my first online purchase after being pushed into it by one of my children for their child. It supposedly was a better deal then at the store. It wasn’t enough to make me a believer of online buying. Touching and handling purchases is more of the enjoyment then the act of paying for something.

  3. I unfortunately loss the whole family mom ,hubby ,of 20yr and brother too so have a new grand baby .Guess I can spoil him ..if i could just see him

  4. I have already did most of my holiday shopping but I’m not done yet I’m almost finished I will be done today.