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Did any retailer back-to-school promotions motivate you to purchase apparel and/or footwear for the school year?

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  1. My grandson who is in kindergarten wanted under Armor sport shirts. He also saw kids wearing bright shoes with mid-calved black socks that he wants

  2. A good sale will always catch my attention. Unfortunately my daughter has her own taste so that is where we usually will go. Bright and colorful always catches her attention. I like clean shopping places myself.

  3. yes! finish line had great back to school deals and i found a pair that i loved for a reasonable price so i bought them for school!

  4. yes! finish line had a back to school thing going on and there were great deals on shoes and i found a pair i liked for a reasonable price so i bought them for school!

  5. Normally a back-to-school sales would perk up my lust for clothing but I’m a practical kid. Since I’m a senior in high school, money is at high demand right now. Although they look tempting because it’s half off or 50% off on top of sales item, I try to maintain the boundaries of style and the bogus sale. To differentiate between sales or just a bogus. The question is “is it worth it?”