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What tasks do you find a tablet most useful for?

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  1. I find a tablet to be useful when it comes to storing files from a computer. So when you want to do an assignment on the go, you’re able to do that with a tablet.

  2. I use mine for games, checking my e-mails, when I am waiting for appointments or on long trips. I also use it to keep my two year old grandson occupied. I also use it to take pictures. I would love to have an ipad but that will have to wait awhile.

  3. Tablets are really useful when traveling. The tasks they are most useful for is for video games, internet, and even for certain apps that help students study or learn on the go. Mostly children use it for games and internet and some students use it for school stuff like Microsoft power points and even to do research papers.

  4. My tablet is my on the go computer. I’m am an online student and when I am on break at work I have to be able to study and do homework. So I type papers, research on the Internet, and use my email. With Google drive and documents I can easily switch from tablet to computer.