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How many electronic devices (TV, smartphone, tablet, desktop computer) do you use throughout the day?

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  1. Watching television while doing this response on my laptop. I carry on me a smartphone and will be reading on a kindle when I crawl into bed tonight.

  2. Throughout the day I use my phone, I work on a computer at work & then come home to watch tv. Now everything is high technology.

  3. Electronics is the new source of entertainment and we use in our every day lifes. I use about 4 items such as my phone, computer, tablet and TV. Its not very suprising that we waist most of our time in these devices.

  4. I currently use an hp all in one desktop and i use a smart tv 75 inch for my luxuryes and online needs.

  5. I use many electronic items throughout the day. The items I use are all for leisure use or for informational use. My TV, smartphone, and tablet are for leisure use and then my laptop and desktop computer are used for information.