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Russ H. Crupnickt

If you’ve ever rented a dvd, blu-ray disc, or video game from a kiosk, how easy was it to find something you wanted to watch or play?

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  1. Most of the time. You get something ellse to watch.cause that did have what you wanted

  2. I usually am able to find something I want to rent… can be difficult to find a movie that is recently released.

  3. It really depends on the kiosk and its location. Kiosks at grocery stores and convenient stores often have a lot of traffic so depending on the time and day it is eather very easy to find what you want or very difficult, but having apps on your cellphone make it easier to reserve movies for pick up that way theyre there when you want them.

  4. Never rented from a kiosk because there was never anything I wanted to see that was stocked.

  5. The last time I rented a movie from a kiosk it was pretty easy. I use Netflix now.