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Russ H. Crupnickt

If you’ve ever rented a dvd, blu-ray disc, or video game from a kiosk, how easy was it to find something you wanted to watch or play?

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  1. I use my mobile app to find the movies I am looking for before I go. Lately however I have been using vudu for movie rentals.

  2. Redbox use to be so easy to navigate, and now its so confusing. Its hard to find the movie I want.

  3. kiosks are nice for getting dvds I didn’t have a problem getting mine from a red box.

  4. very difficult–and when i got it, it was sticky and scratched and redbox would not give me a refund.

  5. I’ve never rented from a kiosk. I more frequently purchase a movie when it comes out for sale. Or watch it on TV.

  6. I’ve never rented from a kiosk? Usually from a video store though. Lately I don’t rent because they are usually on pay per view or video on demand.